Guide to a proper UT3 setup

Feeling like UT3 is on par with UT99 and UT2kx when it comes to lot of things (or better even in certain things), but seeing it being trashed by people that (i’m comfident of that) never played it past the release year, i’m doing this Guide to help you set up UT3, and play it to its full potential, where it will kicks UT99’s and UT2kx’s old butts.
I know UT3 was really bad at release, with no content, shit UI and crap graphics. That’s no more true. Give it a chance and you’ll love it. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already in the right state of mind, and that’s good :).

When you’ll have followed this simple guide to the end, you’ll have a great UT game, with lots of varied and fun maps to play on, a selection of must have mods and mutator and direction on where to play, find people and other mods/maps. The only crap thing that’ll still be there is that bloody server browser.

Bear in mind if you want to play solo, don’t play the campaign, it’s bugged and crap (like in utter bullshit crap, you’re warned). If you want to play solo, custom games is the way to go, and i’ll give you a nice way to setup your own offline tournament, with custom gamemodes, teams and so on.

I’m playing on max settings at 60fps on most of the maps (well not the Epic ones of course), be it Low-Poly or standard looking. If you consider my config it’s not bad (dual-core 2.0 Ghz, the first ones so nothing fancy, nVidia 8800GT 3Go RAM, a mid-range gaming gear from late 2008 that is). There shouldn’t be any framerate issues (or you’re playing on a toaster).

Folders :

I’ll start with the directory architecture, as it changed a lot since previous titles. All that follows is based on Win7, some names change slightly on XP and i’ve no idea for Win8 or other platforms.
I’ll take D:\Program files\UT3\ as the base folder. Yours might be different (steam is probably C:\Program files\steam\steam apps\ut3\ or something like that, i’m not sure).
This directory is the base game directory, with the default assets and config files, don’t ever remove anything from that folder, as the game will eventually don’t work anymore. When you launch the game for the first time, it’ll create My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\ where you’ll find your config files and where you need to put mods/mutators/skins/maps. There’s a way to change that address to the default game directory but it’s a bit more advanced, you can google it if you want.

Around 99% of the time there’s a readme in the downloads with install instructions, if you’re a little lost with what i said on folders, read it, you’ll find your way easily. Comes a time (fast) where you’ll know where to put things based on the files in the download.

When you plan on changing something on a config file, backup. When there’s a prompt to paste over a previous file, backup (well, maybe not if it’s a map file). If you’re building a map, you guessed it multiple backups (i lost work like that, it hurts being dumb sometimes).

Important My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\ folders :

  • UTGame\Config\ you guessed it, it’s where you mess up with your config files.
  • UTGame\SaveData\ Where’s your profile is located, linked to your alias/password combo, including your options, skin, campaign progress, achievement, etc.
  • UTGame\published\CookedPC\ That’s where you put most of the downloaded files when it comes to mods/maps/whatever.
  • UTGame\screenshots\ That’s where you’ll find the screenshots if you use the in-game keybind for it (default is F9 if i remember correctly).

Alright you now know how to get around your folders, so here we go for the setup.

First install the game and download and install the Titan pack. Then patch the game to the latest (called UT3 patch 5 or UT3 2.1). If you bought the black version on steam, i think you’re already patched (you can check in the game’s menu).

To that, you’ll need to add the Gamespy fix. Gamespy manage the master server for UT3, meaning, when you search for servers, Gamespy gives you the list. The issue is that Gamespy shut down June 2014 so you’ll need to tell your game where to find the server list. The good news is that Epic Games took the matter at hand and have their own master server now. To change where your game heads to get the server list, you ‘ll need to apply the patch found here. If you’re using Steam, chances are that it’s already patched. If you’re using the retail, you can just use RattleSN4K3’s executable or replace the game’s executable (C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe by default) by the new one. Your firewall /antivirus might tell you it’s a bad file, just disregard the warning as it’s an official patch. You can get more precise info by reading the first post in the link.
RattleSN4K3 made a quick guide for it here if you need it too.

Once done, you’ll need to make a new profile in-game if you’ve already did one with Gamespy.
If you don’t apply this patch, you’ll not see any servers online.

Once you’ve done all of that you have your base UT3 (no custom content, only official ones).

BACKUP the game’s folder (not the mydocs one) at this point please, you don’t want to start form scratch again if you mess up something. With current Hard drive size, it’s peanuts.

Launch the game once, chose your nick/password (use whatever you want for offline, it’ll work) and change an option in the menus so it saves your profile.

Mutators and mods :

Except for MapMixer, all the mutators that follow are activable via the mutator selection.

MapMixer :

Download here and install MapMixer v3.1
To make it work once installed, you’ll need to go in UTEngine.ini (UTGame\config\) and put mapmixer instead of the default localmap :

find [URL]
then change LocalMap=UTFrontEnd.ut3
to LocalMap=UTFrontEnd_MapMixer.ut3

If you think after that that the UI is a shit console port, please kill yourself, this mod gives a simple and powerful menu, allowing to fiddle whatever setting you want, customise bots like mad, make playlist with varying gamemodes/settings.
Want to play a TDM with a defined team against a random bot team, the match being in certain maps only with a couple of random mutaors of your choice. Then you want to play a warfare with all random, without getting back to the menu, then starting a string of instagib ctf maps?
You can with this mod, it’s the single most important mod for solo play. Get it, use it, enjoy it.

I’ll post a specific guide for this, as there is a lot of cool advanced stuff to do with it, like a custom offline tournament for example.

For now, setup keybinds for mapmixer quick and advanced menu, for admin menu, and next/previous/launch map. Mine are respectively Shift+plus, plus, backspace, arrow right/left/up.
Quick menu lets you chose a mode, map, set mutators and bots, then play it. Mostly like the vanilla UT2k4 menu. You can save teh settings you use the most here too but not set up map lists to auto load.

Advanced menu lets you save maplists, mutator list, bot lists, save specific settings for gamemodes, then you combine all in the first page to get easy access to your favorite settings. If you use that, do everything separately and save them in their respective pages so you can select them in the first page, once all done save it and play, you’ll be able to get all the config back together fast with the dropdown menu top left.

For instance, before being able to use a map/skin with MapMixer, you’ll need to add them to its list, and scan it to get the map infos or fill them manually. It’s done via the main MapMixer menu, on bottom of it it’ll said “x new map/skin available”, just clic it to go in the scan menu, from there it’ll be easy. Some maps get their map info from start. If you have a lot of maps, it can take some time, so be patient, and when you install a map/mappack, i advise to do it before adding more maps or it’ll get nasty. Once you installed mapmixer, do it once to get all the base maps in it.

FoxMod :

Get it here and install it.

It’s best used for vehicular gamemodes as it fixes a lot of IA bugs/glitches and makes the bot smarter with pathing/orders. On other gamemodes, it makes bots avoid areas where they died a lot, remove a bit of the locking through walls at higher bot levels too. At lower level, bots dodge and use the movements a bit better while being more natural in their aim.
There’s a specific IA upgrade available to use with CBP3 gamemodes too, to get the bots less dumb in Domination for example. The readme is your friend.

You can also use FoxMod to play 4 player splitscreen with gamepads. So if you are a PS3 player and want all the PC mods, it’s a good way to go. I didn’t tested this specific feature, but heard it works well.

You can install IA and Gamepad/splitscreen separately.

utComp :

Download here.
Backup download here.

It’s used on all competitive servers. Gives vote options, lots of ingame settings, custom crooshairs, the possibility to force a model based on teams, change the colors of it, demorec …

Lots of things that should’ve been in the game at release are now available. Tired of the bullshit skins impossible to spot and bored of demoguy ? Use that. It has the best effect on ronin skins. Check my custom character too, it’s been done specifically for utComp, Brightskin without being giant glowstick.

Use it offline too. The only issue with skins/colors i found so far is that colors don’t work in Betrayal and skins don’t work in BTA.

FreeFov :

Available here.

Let you change your Field of view past the 80-100 range. Online it needs to be available on the server’s mutator to use it. Again most competitive servers should have it.

RypelCam :

Have you ever seen fancy things in Fragmovies or map preview videos and wondered how to do that ? It’s RypelCam. Get it here, direct download here.

If you want to watch demos or make fragmovies, it’s a must have.

I’m not too savvy with it, so you better check the first link from RattleSN4K3, as there is a really good presentation and demonstration in it.

SpectatorUI :

This one gives great spectator features such as pickup timers, various camera speed, camera positions save per map, easy view/player changing, notifications and custom follower cameras. It’s quite a recent mutator so it may not be on lots of servers. But comp ones should have it now or soon.

Available here.

Quality of life from RattleSN4K3 :

Epic FTW (Fix for Throw Weapon) and Epic FOCK (ShockBall Wall Collision Fix). The first fix a server issue making client crash while throwing their weapon, the other remove the bug that makes it impossible to combo shock while close to wall/meshes etc, they are must have for UT3.

Get them here and here.

NoLinkLockdown :

Direct download here.
Basically when you get hit by the link secondary beam in UT3, you can experience some movement control fails. Resulting in fail dodges, a slower movement speed or too much inertia. It’s caused by the link shaft putting you off the ground for a really short period. Now, some people might think it’s an intended feature, but thinking it’s just broken, i link this mutator that, when activated, will fix the issue.

Nerforcer :

In UT3, and specifically at higher skill levels, the enforcer is OP, and the double … I’ll say you don’t need weapons with it. It becomes a real issue in TDM, where you don’t really need mapcontrol anymore, because throwing an Enforcer to your teammate makes him/her a frag machine of mass destruction. Here’s the fix i use in LAN (works solo too, the bots being not able to put a DoT on you from the other side of the map). It changes the damage of simple/dual and the rate of fire and spread of Dual. Get it here.

Now for some oldschool feels in UT3.

Dodge Jump Mutator :

Something that’s bothering you in UT3 is the lack of Dodge Jump ? There you go, it’s balanced toward UT3 gameplay and doesn’t shit that much on the balance of the game, well, it still does but not at the UT2k scale. It’s not needed once you know how to properly move in UT3 but here it is anyway. Can be useful if you can’t stand the hoverboard balance and awesomeness in vehicle gamemode.
You can get it here Direct download here.

NoShieldHitEffects and NoPlayerBeacon :

Both from RattleSN4K3.
If you want some OldSchoold feeling, use both, one remove the shield effect when you hit someone with an armor, the other remove the tag above players’ head.

Get them here and here

Relic Madness :

What about some relics ?
Now with 18 different relics, including all the old ones. It’s lot of fun in casual games. You can also set lots of things, like rarity or randomisation for example.

Thread and download here.

Shredder :

There are 2 good versions of the Ripper for UT3, i chose this one as i like the little spin it has relative to the original one. Plus the model is so good.

Check it here.

There are many more great mutators available, just check the websites/forums at the end of the page, you’ll find great stuff there.

Vehicle Camera control :

Available here.

You probably can’t stand the limited camera control for vehicles in UT3 (only 3rd person and first person). This mod allow you to chose the camera distance in 3rd person, as well as giving more 1st persons options (like a proper in cockpit view). Can conflict with some other vehicle mods, but it’s a must have for standard vehicles.

Gamemodes :

There’s already plenty of gamemodes, and lot more customs to find on the web, but here are two i think are must have.

Domination :

UT99 Domination is back, with old and new maps to support it. You can play it up to 4 teams. With the CBP3 and UOF map pack you’ll get more maps as well as the gamemode by itself. Check the map pack section for them.

Thread here. Direct download here.
Add DOM-NyLeve’s-legacy to it, 32 players DOM ftw : DM/DOM-nyleves-legacy thread

Install this mod after CBP3 and UOF mappacks so you get the final & full version of UT3DOM.

Battle Team Arena :

BTA is the UT3 take on Clan Arena, Team Arena Master or Rocket arena depending on where you come from. Basically the matche is separated in rounds where all players of both teams start with a defined loadout. When you die, you can’t respawn untill next round. BTA has multiple modes like freezetag where you can respawn your team mates and Instagib variants.

I’m not a fan of BTA (as it remove most of the map control for example) but i know lot of people like it so here it is.

You can download it here.
Direct download link on GalaxyPugs here. You can play it on Galaxypugs server’s, check the list at the end of this page for more Info.

Maps and MapPacks :

Something that always comes back when one trash about UT3, is the shit maps, all washed out, busy and hard to spot players, and a poor number of them in top of that. The base maps are a mess of details and brown things all over the place while being quite boring to play. They are that awful.

Here are some mappacks that’ll give you what you want, be it beautiful colored and detailed maps with fun gameplay, or intense oldschool gameplay with great visuals, all without the issues of the base maps.

There are two main schools when it comes to mapping, standard and Low-Poly :

  • Standard are the best the Engine can give, and have a generally a realistic look with lots of meshes and details (but can be the opposite too).
  • Low-Poly are made mostly built via the use of BSP (like in UT99 and UT2kx) with a sparse use of meshes. It results in oldschool looking maps, and the focus is generally put on gameplay; If you prefer old maps to UT3 maps, Low-poly are the ones you want.

    CBP3 (standard) :

    Available here.

    It’s the successor of UCMP and CBP2 packs for UT2k4.
    5 big map packs plus some bonus. They are all playable separately. They contains loads of maps, with great visual qualities and ambiance, fun gameplay. Add to this characters, power-ups, mutator and gamemode (UT3DOM) and you have a great map pack.

    UOF (standard/Low-Poly) :

    Unreal Old Friends map pack are available here.

    Most of the mappers of these packs are active since UT99 or even UnrealDM.
    All the gamemodes are represented, even DOM. Get ready for a really varied range of maps, from visual-focus ones to gameplay focus ones, remakes and new maps alike.

    Special mention to the LP-MapPack, for oldschool-vibe beautifully looking maps and insane gameplay, aimed at competition.

    Keep checking these out as a 5th pack should come out.

    HOLP (Low-Poly) :

    The Hardcore Oldschool Low Poly map packs is split in 4 packs (1, 2, 3 and 3 volume 2 don’t ask me why) available here.

    Also made by old mappers and players these packs focus on gameplay (while delivering modern graphic quality) and core gamemodes (DM-TDM-CTF) spare one Warfare map (but without vehicles though).
    If you want to play in maps that feel UT99/UT2k4 ones, get them all, they are beautiful, and have solid rock gameplay. With both Comp map packs and UOF-LP, they are the maps that makes most of my map lists.

    Comp Map packs (Low-Poly) :

    Available here (Comp) and here (Comp2).

    18 maps with awesome gameplay and great style including one iCTF map. Totally look like arenas and are aimed at fun gameplay and competitive balance. Some of the best maps out there for sure.

    Competitive play pack (Standard/Low-Poly) :

    Available here under UT3/Maps and UT3/Utilities.

    They are some of the most played single maps in competition and pickup games, reunited under a pack. Get them along the mutators under UT3/mutators to get a fast setup for competitive play.

    Others :

    If you still need more packs, check out Moloch map packs and the Evil map pack, they contains some great maps too. While not being on par with the other packs in my opinion, they offer unique feels and atmosphere totally worth checking.

    Single Maps :

    There are too much great single maps out there to link them all, your best bet is to dig in,, Epic Game’s forum (more specifically Beta and Final sections), BeyondUnreal forums and Unreal Old Friends forums. You’ll get shitloads of great maps with all of them.
    Also, i strongly advise you to check Stevelois’ blog, where he links great maps and remakes (pages here, here and here). You can get more (CTF/War/BR/DOM/others in his blog by fiddling in the Unreal Tournament menu, you’ll also find links to tutorials, other mappers’ blog and so on, great ressource.)

    Here are some links to a few of my prefered maps that are not in the previous map packs :

    DM-1on1-Pure-Pro2 :
    Thread and download here

    This one is nuts. Beautiful while not busy. If you know the original DM-Pure, you’ll love this one, as the author nailed the issues of the original and fixed them. No collision issues in there aswell, that’s the map quality that every mapper should aim at, and that Epic failed at deliver. Best for Duels.

    As with other “pro” maps from the author, the quality slider in options will remove meshes and effects from the map, making it beautiful on good PCs but also smooth on low configs.

    DM-Lea-Pro :
    Available here

    Another one from Neil “captain flaccid” vmoore, this one is a remake of DM-1on1-Lea from UT2k4. Once again great layout, beautiful visuals and gameplay focus.

    DM-Deck-Pro2 :
    Available here.

    Third one from the same author in my selection, here’s a Deck remake. Not only it’s better looking than the official one but it is smoother than the fps version. Modifying the graphic quality in settings will once again remove meshes and effects. Add in some quality of life fixes and gameplay focus and you get the perfect Deck map in my opinion. If you want to play Deck, play this version. As much as i dislike DM-Deck, this one is great πŸ™‚

    DM-Cipe :
    Thread here.

    From Scott “Cr4zyB4st4rd” Coxhead (check his other stuff on his website),DM-Cipe is a beast 4v4 map. Set in a castle on top of a volcano (now that’s some unreal settings), this map is beautifully designed and balanced. Godrays effect on the top of the walls and the lava glowing from below makes for great contrasts and sweet colors, and while there are lots of interesting details here and there, never one will hinder your ability to spot players. The gameplay is on top too, with smart use of trigger sounds, great pickup layout and no collision issues. Aimed at competitive 4v4, this map fills perfectly its role.

    DM-Gardenia :
    Thread and download here.
    This one is more for the eye-candy part, and even though i’m not too much in it, this particular map is excellent, not only on visuals but on gameplay too. The overgrown crumnling cathedral setup is simply gorgeous, with grass, flowers, falling leafs, godrays, and the whole crumbling architecture along the light work. There are actually so many gorgeous screenshots of the map that i had a hard time to chose one :). It feels like the map is a real place and that some wall could just drop in pieces with a badly placed rocket. The layout is really fun to play and the pickups are well placed part a few ammo. Some player may find it a bit tight and the Flak rules the map indeed, so if you like that, play it as there is no blocking issues whatsoever in it.

    DM-Garden-of-Dreams :
    Available on mapraider.

    While not having the best gameplay, this map is gorgeous and the scenery is nuts. If you find it a bit bright, just turn down your post-process settings a bit and it’ll be fine. Nothing really more to say apart from “floating islands”.

    DM-RB-GrayMatter :
    You can check the thread and download it here.

    One of the best standard maps by Remus (relative to the destructible maps of his), it is more in the surreal range than unreal, setting things higher than ever. Set up in a parallel dimension (i think oO), it has some straight forward gameplay. But the looks :D. Watch your step as you wouldn’t want to drop in the abyss under the floating building things and aerial catwalks that constitute most of the map.

    DM-Purgatoria :
    Available on mapraider.

    Being a map made by the excellent n00b-Zaibot, you can expect lots of trick jumps and ninja paths in this map. This Low-poly map has the gritty industrial look proper to its author. The layout makes for some intense fights and tight scores, but can sometime feels a bit spammy. Not the most competitive map, but lots of fun in casual games anyway.

    DM-Saturation :
    Official website here.

    Made with only 20 brushes, including the lifts, the smart use of textures makes it feel like there are a lot more than that. Due to this restriction, the map can feel a bit simple in looks and layout, but is really fun to play anyway. One of my favorites to play when i feel like playing only a map or two.

    CTF-Mako :
    Official page here.

    One of the few CTF not from UOF/HOLP that i play a lot. Stevelois built this Low-Poly map with a nice take on Cr4zy’s texture pack and great lightning and BSP work, it’s a modern take on UT2k4’s CTF-1on1-Joust. Reverse CTF (meaning you spawn in the base with the opponent team’s flag) can be a lot of fun, and this map contributes to it, being really well thought, fun to play and nice for the eyes.

    DM-Malevolence-LP :
    Available here.

    This one is obviously a bit biased as i’m the author, but i got a lot of great feedback and comments on it so it’s probably not that bad :D. My modern Low-Poly take on DM-Malevolence, using Cr4zy’s texture pack. Focus is on the gameplay with clean materials and bright lightning. Built with Duel in mind, it plays well at small size DM too. It’s a bit tighter than the original. Expect some oldschool with a couple trickjumps added, and a bit of rebalance.


    I’m not too much in skins, as i play mostly in LAN and we use my own skin for balance. But if you want more variety, i advise you to check EuchrePlayer23’s thread on Epic’s. He release a lot of skins each month, and gives update every few week on his progress. Check it.

    You can also check this thread to get some more and the bottom of stevelois’ blog hot stuff for just a few ones of great quality.

    Config files and tweaks :

    What’ll follow is a bit more in the advanced stuff, and will be about config file tweaks to get the most of the game how you want. It will be about color tweaking aswell as some basic setting and input modifications. To change these settings you’ll need to be modifying files in My documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\ If you modify files in the game’s install folder or steam folder, the changes will not work.

    Inputs :

    You can skip the next paragraph if you’re comfortable with how you want to set your keyboard/mouse input. If not read it.

    First you’ll need to be comfortable with your keybinds and mouse sensitivity. I know of people that use a really sensitive mouse and some that use a really low sensitivity. The difference is
    with a low sens, you’ll have a easier time to aim at range and with a high sens, you’ll have an easier time to follow your opponents in close-combat and look around. 14 years ago i was comfortable with a high sens, and aimed not bad at range too. Along the years i lowered my sens more and more to improve my aim and now i’m comfortable with a low sens in all situations. The progressive changes helped me not lose my skills in close-combat. To get an idea, i’m at 2000 sens in UT3 but started the game at around 5500 and i was probably around the equivalent of 8500 in my first year of UT99 (the scale was different so it wasn’t that exact number).
    The most important thing is to be comfortable with your mouse and if you are in another game, just check how much length you need to move your mouse to get a 360Β°, then do that to set your mouse. If you’re just not used to the mouse for aiming for a reason, (maybe you never played seriously any fps) just aim at something in game and try to aim fast and instinctively at something else, change your mouse setting until you hit it instinctively multiple times. Once you’re comfortable with your sensitivity, don’t change it so your hand/wrist/arm muscles will get used to it and you’ll progress faster. Also, remove mouse smoothing, it’s a plague for your muscle memory and you’ll not be able to progress much with it activated.

    Alright now for the core input tweaks :

    Taken directly from Epic’s forum here’s a small tutorial for keybindings :

    1. Backup

    We’ll be altering the UTInput.ini file. Make a backup just in case. Just copy and paste the file in the same spot and it will name the new one “Copy of UTInput.ini”.

    2. Unbind

    First off, you MUST unbind the keys you want to use. All you have to do is open UT3. Open the Settings–>Input menu. Click “Keys” at the bottom of the screen. Set the “Fire” function to the key you wish to use, and then set “Fire” back to the left mouse button (LMB). Voila, the key is now unbound.

    3. Bind

    Open My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\UTInput.ini.

    You must now make a binding for what you want to use. You make the changes in the section marked [Engine.PlayerInput]. There is a section marked [UTGame.UTPlayerInput] with all the same lines, but I’m not totally sure what it’s for, and changes to it don’t seem to do anything.


    where X is the key you wish to use and Y is the command.
    Multiple commands can be piped in, such as change to a weapon plus change mouse sensitivity.

    Bindings=(Name="X",Command="Y | Z")

    where X is the key you wish to use, Y is a command and Z is a command. There is a space before and after the pipe “|”.

    A command is what you enter in the console in game, from “Say” to “GOD” to “Screenshot”.

    If the key you wish to use isn’t already on the list, you can add it. Letters are represented by the capital of said letter, e.g. “K”. F keys are represented as such “F8” “F9”. Symbols and numbers are represented by the written name of the key, e.g. “Minus” “Comma” “SpaceBar” “seven” “eight”. Numpad keys are as such “NumPadZero” “NumPadFive” etc.

    When binding a key for the first time I recommend binding a “Say” command because it’s simple to test. Once you are sure it’s working, you can use any command possible that you can enter in the console while in game.

    4. Example

    I’m going to bind my “J” key to say “It works!” I made a backup already, so I open UT3 and in the Settings–>Input–>Keys menu I set my “Fire” function to “J”. Then I set “Fire” back to LMB. My “J” key is now unbound.

    I now open my UTInput.ini file found in My Documents. At the top of the file under [Engine.PlayerInput] I find Bindings=(Name="J",Command="Taunt 1"). Unbinding a key does not clear it’s definition in this list for some reason, that’s why it’s still set to “Taunt 1”.
    I change the entry to this:

    Bindings=(Name="J",Command="Say It works!")

    Now I open UT3 and start an Instant Action match and test that bad boy out.

    5. What else can I do?

    “Say” and “TeamSay” macros are just the beginning. There are many things that can be done. Most popular would be binding weapons to keys.


    where 1 can be any number 0-9 representing each weapon respectively.

    You can bind ThrowWeapon, a command that is not in the game by default. WeaponsStay must be off for it to work:

    Bindings=(Name="X",Command="ThrowWeapon | teamsay Weapon Dropped")

    You can instantly connect to a favorite server:


    where x is the IP.

    You can bind mouse sensitivity:

    Bindings=(Name="X",Command="setsensitivity 20.0")

    where 20.0 is actually 2000 in the in game settings. Whatever setting you want it to be in game, divide that number by 100 and use that.

    You can bind field of view:

    Bindings=(Name="X",Command="FOV 100")

    where 100 can be any number 80-100 which are the limits the game allows.

    You can bind suicide:


    You can combine multiple commands as explained above. For example:

    Bindings=(Name="nine",Command="GBA_SwitchWeapon9 | FOV 80 | setsensitivity 7.5")

    Will change to sniper, zoom my FOV and set my sensitivity to 750.

    Bindings=(Name="G",Command="GBA_SwitchToBestWeapon | FOV 100 | setsensitivity 15.0")

    will change to my best weapon, return to widescreen FOV and return my sensitivity to 1500.
    The purpose of this binding is to increase my accuracy when sniping at a distance and when someone approaches me I instantly bust out a close range weapon and return my controls and view to normal.

    You can bind a key to alternate between two weapons. In this example it will rotate between Flak and Rockets.

    Bindings=(Name="PipeC",Command="switchweapon 8 | switchweapon 7 | setbind o PipeD")
    Bindings=(Name="PipeD",Command="switchweapon 7 | switchweapon 8 | setbind o PipeC")

    “o” is initially “PipeC” which has two switch weapon commands. One will take priority if you have both weapons, but if you only have one it will bring that one up. Then it changes “o” to “PipeD” which alternates the priority of the weapons, so that if you have both you will draw the other weapon. Then “o” is changed back to “PipeC”.
    “PipeC” and “PipeD” are names than are chosen by the user, and can be changed to anything not already in use. e.g. if you wanted to pipe bind another key then you could make them “PipeA” and “PipeB”.

    You can bind a hammer jump: (thanks go to Mr. Evil)

    Bindings=(Name="StartHammer",Command="ToggleMelee | StartFire")
    Bindings=(Name="StopHammer",Command="Jump | OnRelease StopFire | OnRelease ToggleMelee")


    Following are some useful modification of UTInput.ini, by default, the game doesn’t use the same sensitivity when moving looking up-down or left-right (yes, that’s dumb). With these modifications you’ll get a 1:1 vertical:horizontal scaling while looking around. Must have

    bEnableMouseSmoothing=False //Disable!!! Mouse acceleration.

    Bindings=(Name="MouseX",Command="Count bXAxis | Axis aMouseX Speed=2.0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="MouseY",Command="Count bYAxis | Axis aMouseY Speed=2.0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="LookUp",Command="Axis aLookUp Speed=+25.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="LookDown",Command="Axis aLookUp Speed=-25.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="GBA_TurnLeft",Command="Axis aBaseX Speed=-40.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="GBA_TurnRight",Command="Axis aBaseX Speed=+40.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

    //Recommended. Together, these comprise a mouse movement tweak that was advertised to "create 1:1 movement like UT2K4".


    //Disable acceleration for controllers??? Disable if paranoid.

    Bindings=(Name="MouseX",Command="Count bXAxis | Axis aMouseX Speed=2.0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="MouseY",Command="Count bYAxis | Axis aMouseY Speed=2.0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="LookUp",Command="Axis aLookUp Speed=+25.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="LookDown",Command="Axis aLookUp Speed=-25.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="GBA_TurnLeft",Command="Axis aBaseX Speed=-40.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="GBA_TurnRight",Command="Axis aBaseX Speed=+40.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

    //Same as above.

    MouseSensitivity=3.45000 //Adjust to match main game mouse sensitivity.
    Bindings=(Name="MouseX",Command="Count bXAxis | Axis aMouseX Speed=2.0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="MouseY",Command="Count bYAxis | Axis aMouseY Speed=2.0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="LookUp",Command="Axis aLookUp Speed=+25.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="LookDown",Command="Axis aLookUp Speed=-25.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="GBA_TurnLeft",Command="Axis aBaseX Speed=-40.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)
    Bindings=(Name="GBA_TurnRight",Command="Axis aBaseX Speed=+40.0 AbsoluteAxis=0",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

    //Config created specifically for Battle Team Arena mod (BTA) if installed. Mirror your other UTInput configs, or use stock settings.

    Colors :

    Tired of the game being washed out ? Use these color tweaks to change that, but be warned that on some maps that are already bright and colorful, it can be hard for the eyes. It’s perfect for the standard looking maps though.

    What about changing this :
    to this :

    Download this and chose the post process settings you prefer in the image folder and follow the readme instructions to install it and make it work. It’s dead simple.

    Note that you can do your own postprocess settings, there’s a great tutorial here.

    Engine settings :

    These ones are not the most important tweaks to do, but can help if you plan to play competitively on standard looking maps. If you just want to enjoy the game, you’ll probably not use this part much, but check it anyway as there are some important things in there (such as framerate cap). I’m not using most of these settings.

    in UTEngine.ini

    bSmoothFrameRate=False //setting this to False will remove the 60fps cap.

    NetServerMaxTickRate=90 //These two should let you adjust the FPS (?) of your demo recordings (command is 'demorec' in the console)

    MaxStaleCacheSize=10000 //Increase cache expiry time in days, I believe. Default was 30. This is to prevent UT3 from removing custom content downloaded in-game.
    MaxOverallCacheSize=30000 //Increase cache maximum capacity in MB. Default was 100 MB? Otherwise, the oldest content would be purged.

    //There are a few cache conversion utilities that will help you move cache data to the correct folders with the correct formating.


    //Adjust your server settings if you host a game? I don't do that. Preferred tick rate is 90; default should be 30.

    MotionBlur=False //We don't want this.
    DepthOfField=False //Turn it off!!! Severely impacts ability to see anything in the distance.
    Bloom=False //Almost as bad as depth of field, although the two settings may be linked. Set this to true only if you use the color tweak.
    SpeedTreeLeaves=False //Disable foliage. Some trees and bushes obscure vision but don't block attacks. Hardly an eyesore. Paired with tree fronds.
    SpeedTreeFronds=False //Disable foliage. Some trees and bushes obscure vision but don't block attacks. Hardly an eyesore. Paired with tree leaves.

    SoundGroups=(GroupName=Character,Properties=(Volume=1.8)) //Competitive players will turn this way-the-heck-up, maybe even to 10.0. Adjust all player (including self) grunts, footsteps, landings, etc.
    SoundGroups=(GroupName=Item,Properties=(Volume=1.4)) //Competitive players will also turn this up a lot, maybe 3.0 is sufficient? Hear item pickup noises from across the map!

    //Control loudness of various "object groups." Volume of 1.0 should be 10/10 on the in-game sound sliders, thus these settings are "above maximum."


    //Disable the short videos that play when UT3 launches (comment out with semi-colon).

    in UTGame.ini

    bWeaponBob=False //Disable bobbing effects when walking.

    bLandingShake=False //Who wants screen shake when they're trying to pull off a tricky shot??? This is the setting that adds a lot to the heavy feel of the character in UT3.
    OnFootDefaultFOV=90.000000 //Adjust FOV as desired.
    bCenteredWeaponFire=True //No-brainer. By default, UT3's crosshair and weapon fire don't perfectly align.


    Important. Note that certain of these are the correct variables. By default, UT3 flashes intensely when players take damage, which is highly distracting.
    Adjust or disable that intensity with these variables. I’ve set an arbitrary value that doesn’t bother me.

    Where to play :

    Playing mostly in LAN, i’m not fully aware of where to play UT3 once you’ve set it up. But i still know of some active servers (i don’t know them all though).
    Some tricks for the browser though :

    • Favorite your servers.
    • Filter by game type then by player count. If there’s a + in it there are bots (+8/16 means there are 8 bots, 4+4/16 means 4 players 4 bots and 8/10 means 8 players no bots).
    • You can use the console and type in open where the xxx correspond to the server’s address.

    US :
    For TDM, check our Beer Drinkers in Chicago and GalaxyPugs in Chicago/Dallas/NY. GalaxyPugs do some BTA action and CTF too. They have a steamgroup too.
    Marty’s Carnage Company is a great place for some oldschool map games. You can get the map and mutators used in the server on the website.

    EU :
    The Fa4k server see some DM/TDM action on evenings and weekends, and have good maps.
    If you want some more competitive play, heads out to quakenet IRC, channel is #ut3.tdm
    Follow the bot and you’ll be set.
    I know there is also an active Warfare server on some week-ends, but don’t remember which one it is. Just check the browser and you’ll find it.

    Some Tips and Tricks :

    I thought about doing a full guide for newcomers, giving out useful tips and tricks concerning movements or gameplay, but Sly already did a great one so i’ll just link it here :

    Links :

    For more UT3 related stuff, be it news, maps, mods, game session organizing or just discussion, just head over the following communities/forums/websites.

    If i missed some active communities/servers, please make me know and i’ll add them here.

    Conclusion :

    With all of that, you should have a game that is on par with the previous titles, give it a chance and play it for a while and you’ll not be disapointed.
    Frag you soon :).


9 thoughts on “Guide to a proper UT3 setup”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this fantastic guide! I always thought Unreal Tournament 3 was and underrated game, and a hidden gem for anyone who takes the time to play it (such as yourself). This post is excellent and I can’t wait to install all of these into my game!

  2. Fantastic guide, PlayForGG! Thank you for taking the time to put it all together. I adore UT3, just as much as I did the original game, and I hope fan support like yours keeps players coming back for a long time to come! I was thinking of updating my measly UT3 guide as well, but I may just end up linking to yours haha.

    1. Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚
      If you have anything to add on the guide, feel free to send me a PM over Epic’s forum or anything else. I’d be glad to add lacking things to the guide.
      By the way i love your site, playing most of the games you talk about, your reviews are great to find new stuff, keep on it πŸ™‚

  3. I think I can contribute something rare. I have never been able to find the MapMixer documentation online so I contacted M. Wilson who made this gem and he sent me the files from his old website πŸ™‚ You would need to stitch the links together but not too difficult. Email me if you are interested.


  4. MapMixer documentation was on Epicforums thread of that mod (don’t know if link is still active tho). Tried setting dedicated server on mapmixer but it was very unstable. Crashed once a week sadly but for LAN and singleplayer its awesome. Since I lost my collection of maps ( HDD failure :/ ). If someone don’t have patience to download maps one by one I found Huge collection of Commnity created content.
    44 Gb of content ;] maybe it will be usefull to someone.


  5. Thanks, we are planning a LAN party soon and we needed some organizing all the extra levels, I was planning to write something like this for my friends, but you already did it! Just installed UT3 from DVD, just a few more steps to go………..

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