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Project Nex forums are online

Just a small post to say that the guys from Project Nex opened their new forums.
The forums feel fresh, clean and modern, that’s changing me a lot from what I’m used to.
You can access them at this address :

If you don’t know what Nex is, you can check my previous post on it here.


Project Nex, an eSport focused arena FPS in the works

I’ve been following the developpement of NexFPS (or Project Nex) for a while now and feel like it has great potential to be the next “big” arena FPS (think about League of Legends for the Moba genre). The team developping it has some great talents and have a really interesting vision of the genre and how to make it accessible, fun, hard to master and enjoyable to watch at the same time. Keep in mind that what will follow is based on my own reading and thinking, on diverse website or media and it may not be entirely accurate, the game, pictures and footage are still in pre-alpha state as i publish this. I’ll be talking about it here as they plan on releasing an editor, so i may Map for it.
Enjoy the read 🙂
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