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Open Tournament cancelled

Due to the anouncement of the developpement of the new Unreal Tournament by Epic Games, the lead of the Open Tournament project decided on general consensus to cancel the project and help for the new UT.

From the Unreal Engine 4 forums :

This project gets discontinued, Epic new Unreal Tournament is all we wanted from Open Tournament, so OT doesnt have a reason to exist now. The OT team and chat will still be there, for discussions and help regarding UE4. -vBlanco, lead designer of the OT project.

Sad news and bad luck for the timing, but with an official title, the project doesn’t answer to a need anymore. The team can now participate to the official project and help it become a better game, and that’s a good thing. Some of the mappers have already posted their work on the offical forums.

I’m comfident the start of a project like this may have been one of the reasons we have a new UT title in the work.


Open Tournament weapon update and Alpha

A video got released last week that i missed.

It’s showing the progress on weapons, the Assault rifle/grenade launcher for instance.

On another topic, OT’s “lead designer” said on Epic Games’ forums that a playable multiplayer alpha should be released soon :

The first alpha is coming in one week max, it will be VERY WIP, but will have working multiplayer in a handful of maps and enough weapons to make it interesting. -vblanco, on April 28th

For people that missed it, here is the official Open tournament forums for now :

Open Tournament, a community-made open source Unreal Tournament spiritual sequel

Edit : The project is cancelled due to the new UT’s developpement. (More on the cancelling here and on the new UT here)

Yeah, that’s a lot of words.
A non-profit open source (if you have access to Unreal Engine 4 developpement tools) spiritual sequel to Unreal tournament is currently being developped on Unreal Engine 4.
The project is currently named Open Tournament and aim at recreate the game we all love and will be release for free with a few of maps, the core of the game (movements, multiplayer, basic game modes, etc.) and a few weapons with the intent of the community making what’s needed. Everybody can work on it and make his/her skills to contribution.
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