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Guide to a proper UT3 setup

Feeling like UT3 is on par with UT99 and UT2kx when it comes to lot of things (or better even in certain things), but seeing it being trashed by people that (i’m comfident of that) never played it past the release year, i’m doing this Guide to help you set up UT3, and play it to its full potential, where it will kicks UT99’s and UT2kx’s old butts.
I know UT3 was really bad at release, with no content, shit UI and crap graphics. That’s no more true. Give it a chance and you’ll love it. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already in the right state of mind, and that’s good 🙂

When you’ll have followed this simple guide to the end, you’ll have a great UT game, with lots of varied and fun maps to play on, a selection of must have mods and mutator and direction on where to play, find people and other mods/maps. The only crap thing that’ll still be there is that bloody server browser.

You can read more here or find the guide in the menus.