The future of unreal tournament

And from Mark Rein, Vice-President and co-founder of Epic Games :

As you can see, it’s some serious busines for UT. Now i think it’ll be some sort of advertisement about Open tournament, as they previously showed no interest in making a new UT and showed a big interest in the OT project (you can check my first article about it here).
Maybe i’m just bitter and wrong, but following Epic Games for years now taught me not to set high expectations on any announcement of this type from them, as it could just be the fix for the servers following Gamespy ending or an Unreal megapack with modern OS compatibility.

Don’t get me wrong, i’d like to be wrong on this and that they announce UT4/UTlive or something like that.
I guess #firstblood and #unrealtournament will get some action 😀

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