Open Tournament, a community-made open source Unreal Tournament spiritual sequel

Edit : The project is cancelled due to the new UT’s developpement. (More on the cancelling here and on the new UT here)

Yeah, that’s a lot of words.
A non-profit open source (if you have access to Unreal Engine 4 developpement tools) spiritual sequel to Unreal tournament is currently being developped on Unreal Engine 4.
The project is currently named Open Tournament and aim at recreate the game we all love and will be release for free with a few of maps, the core of the game (movements, multiplayer, basic game modes, etc.) and a few weapons with the intent of the community making what’s needed. Everybody can work on it and make his/her skills to contribution.

The project has been allowed by Epic Games themselves, with the condition of not using the Unreal Tournament name or any trademarked or copyright protected content in the project.

Hi Everybody,

We are very honored to see how many people are interested in creating this project; it speaks volumes about how much Unreal Tournament has touched our lives.

I went ahead and talked about this to our business department and what it comes down to is this: We encourage you to create a community-based “spiritual sequel” project that can be 100% your own. We would be ecstatic to see a project that is inspired by the fast-paced and intense gameplay of Unreal Tournament. However, we also want to make sure there are no business complications down the road, so please do not use the Unreal Tournament name or any trademarked or copyright protected content in the project. Other than that, we are thrilled to see what will come of the project. Please keep us posted with updates!
– Alexander Paschall,

Deck-51-3At the moment i write this, there are some movements done (double-jump and dodge for what i heard) and a map near completion with two others in the works (DM-Deck, DM-Morpheus and CTF-Face). The editor looks really good and have some great possibilities the UT3Ed don’t have so i may build a map or two for it soon depending on how the game flows as i prefer UT99/UT3 movement style and gravity over UT2004 floatiness for different reasons related to gameplay and mapping. Wait for a DM-Malevolence remake by me ;). Expect HOLP style from lot of mappers for this as they are the ones which are the most played in UT3, being easy for the eye while beautifuly designed via textures, trims, geometry and lights. They also have top tier gameplay, are playable competitively without killing the visuals and are easier to build than standard maps.

If you want to contribute, feel free to go on the forums to check it :

The project Hub :
The Open Tournament Forums :

After Tim Sweeney’s announcement that Epic don’t have plans to make a new Unreal Tournament for now, i have my moral back up with this project. It may or may not succeed, but it’s really interesting and motivating nonetheless.
Unreal Tournament for life 😀


14 thoughts on “Open Tournament, a community-made open source Unreal Tournament spiritual sequel”

    1. Yes, it basically aims at being a UT-clone at release, while fixing some issues with the previous titles and adding a full support on current hardware/software. It tries to reunite the UT community behind one title by giving the best of each in a really simple way, the ability to mod it as you want and a community-made support. It will obviously not re-invent the wheel, it’s more of a totally open Quake-live sort of thing as i view it. I’m not sure how it will goes, but if done right and with the new release of Unreal Engine 4, it might get some visibility and get some players back into arena fps. Nothing is done though and it might also fail miserably, but it cost nothing to try :p

    1. Thanks for the link 🙂
      And i agree with what i said too :p , i’m going to post some update on OT when things will get a bit more advanced or if i make a map for it. I’ll post on Epic’s and UE4 forums too if i make a map so you should’nt miss it.
      I’ll use the blog mostly to give small updates on my work, like my advancement on Viridian or Maliwan for example but i’ll also do some posts about great stuff that comes out for UT.
      I plan to post about Nex too, even if it’s not entirely UT-related as i plan to build some maps for it when it will be possible.
      I hope both Nex and OT will grow a community and do well 🙂

    1. DM-Rankin being the most played map on UT2k4 (or really close with ONS-Torlan maybe), it’s probably already in the works or should be soon enough. I’m interesed to see how it’d perform with the size adjustement.

      1. most played != the best. In fact Torlan is one of the sloppiest maps. Rankin and Torlan are just demo maps, and are popular because half of the players play demo only.

      2. I agree, but they works because they are somewhat all-around and allow for lots of different stuff. They are indeed far from being in the best maps in their categories. The same goes for Deck/Face, but what do you hear when a new UT is starting ? It better have Deck and Face because stuff. They all served to grow the series and are a big part of its success, i think they deserve to be in, even though i also think they are just plain bad for a lot of reasons (well Deck serves a purpose in TDM at least). Whatever we think, even if we have officials one, they’ll be remade by the community at some point to fix them, but maybe they can’t be fixed at all ?

    1. For what i know, some of them or closely related to Beyond Unreal and Unreal Old Friends are already working on it. Thanks anyway for the heads-up 🙂

  1. Their is still a ut99 website ( ) and alot of players still left playing it alot of us are excited to see someone is making another UnrealTournament and alot of us hope it will be real similiar to UT99.

    We/I appreciated all the work and I hope this turns out to be a great game thanks for giving alot of us hope to seeing another/new and hopefully amazing UT game!

  2. Indeed! This project is pretty interesting, while Epic set it’s “Future of UT” move for May 8th, this project could still lift of the ground.

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