DM-Malevolence-LP v.1.2 Final for PC/PS3

Name: DM-Malevolence-LP
Version: V1.2 Final (as in the 3rd final version of the map)
Compatibility: PS3 or PC & may require titan patch

Description: Remake of my all time favorite duel map i’ve done for personal use a couple of years ago.
Suitable for DM/TDM up to 6 players but built with duel in mind (no power-ups, only armor)
Remake of DM-Malevolence for UT99 by Rich “Akuma” Eastwood.
Visuals heavily inspired by DM-Edge (Comp map pack) by Scott “Cr4zyb4st4rd” Coxhead with the textures pack on

Downloads v1.2 :
PC : Mediafire (thanks Neillithan for the backup)
PS3 : Mediafire







The 1.2 changes are aimed at play smoothness and Duel balance.

Changes from version 1.1 to 1.2

Gameplay :

  • Removed player collision on wall lights. Weapon collision unchanged.
  • Removed player and weapon collision on ceiling lights.
  • Rox room doorways revamped, they are now larger and looks less weird.
  • Belt jumppad air control changed from 0.05 to 0.2
  • 50a stairs reflect projectiles like a ramp.
  • Belt grid frame now blocks weapons. The center still let you shoot through it.
  • Belt sideways are 1 floor tile larger. Belt area has slightly changed in consequence.
  • Enforcer replaced by 3 vials. Enforcer ammos next to the bio are still present.
  • Slighlty moved some ammos.
  • Spawn points revamped. There are now 2 spawn points per weapon, each one being at the same distance than the other. It adds a bit of randomness to the spawns.
  • A small wall have been added outside the map between the Rox room and the Shock/belt room to remove the easy invisible lobbed shoots from Rox to belt.
  • Removed the 3 pillars around the 30a.
  • Blocking volumes, as in a lot of them. Every wall should be covered, and there shouldn’t be anymore problems with wall-dodge in the angles. Thanks to Neillithan for the tip.

Audiovisual :

  • Removed the water reflection effect because of framerate issues.
  • Added a neon above the FLK tag.
  • Wall fans rotate in the right direction now. Big deal for me
  • Doorways revamped.
  • Added a couple of lights here and there.

Changes since DM-Malevolence-LP v.1.0

Gameplay :

  • Water volume in the Enforcer corridor to give a sound cue about players’ position. (It was missing hard)
  • Sniper ceiling changed. (No more Flak bouncing while being safe).
  • Belt area is a bit wider.
  • Door frames of the Enforcer’s corridor changed.
  • Small changes on path nodes, now the bots time the armors more accurately and take the 30a more often.

Audiovisual :

    • Water pouring from a destroyed pipe in the Enforcer’s corridor. The corridor is drowned and there’s a reflection on walls/ceiling.
    • New custom jumppad with slighlty modified emitter to better fit the map.
    • Physical materials set and ambient sounds around the map have been added. (Thanks to Stevelois for pointing out the lack of sounds)
    • Some sparks on defectuous neons.
    • Vents in the background.
    • Link and Sniper ceiling changed.
    • The weird-shaped trim on the ceiling of the corridor from Flak to 2×25 healths have been fixed.
    • Realigned some textures and trims.
    • Materials overlapping on grids fixed.
    • Some door frames changed.
    • Lighting reworked to look a bit more subtle.
    • Some optimisation on materials.

Server :

Available on Marty’sCarnageCompany‘s server, thanks to M^vl.


– Scott “Cr4zyb4st4rd” Coxhead for the textures, the sky and DM-Edge on which the visuals of this map are heavily inspired.
– Rich “Akuma” Eastwood for the original DM-Malevolence for UT99.
– Stevelois for the Enforcer pickup tutorial.
– Nawrot for helping with the trims’ specular bug.
– Everyone that helped with feedback.
– Everybody that plays this game.
– Epic Games for this awesome game.

Personal comments :
I learnt a lot of things making this map ready for release and encountered lots of non-expected problems that i will not make again. All in all it was a good thing for me to release it and i’m happy to move on from this map.
Feel free to rehost it and send me the download links, i’ll add them here, the same goes for the servers.
Thanks all and have fun.


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