Open Tournament, a community-made open source Unreal Tournament spiritual sequel

Edit : The project is cancelled due to the new UT’s developpement. (More on the cancelling here and on the new UT here)

Yeah, that’s a lot of words.
A non-profit open source (if you have access to Unreal Engine 4 developpement tools) spiritual sequel to Unreal tournament is currently being developped on Unreal Engine 4.
The project is currently named Open Tournament and aim at recreate the game we all love and will be release for free with a few of maps, the core of the game (movements, multiplayer, basic game modes, etc.) and a few weapons with the intent of the community making what’s needed. Everybody can work on it and make his/her skills to contribution.
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DM-Maliwan Beta 2 PC

Name: DM-Maliwan
Version: V0.9 beta
Compatibility: PC & may require titan patch

Lots of changes since 0.8, some rooms are differents and the map feels more unified. Some weapons have been moved around and there is now 2 version, 1 for Duel and the other for 2v2.
I didn’t had time to implement things in it so it’s just an update on architecture/layout. More on the changes in the description.

Description :

The map is inspired by a mix of portal and my favorite manufacturer in Borderlands : Maliwan.

  • DM-MaliwanBeta2 is aimed at competitive 2v2.
  • DM-1on1-MaliwanBeta2 is aimed at competitive Duel.
  • Some pickup/item placements are differents between both.

Standard has 30a, helmet and Udamage.
1on1 has 30a, 50a and Belt. Snipe is moved down to leave the place for 50a and helmet is removed. Some ammos moved around.

It’s a total fragfest with anything over 6 people.

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DM-Malevolence-LP v.1.2 Final for PC/PS3

Name: DM-Malevolence-LP
Version: V1.2 Final (as in the 3rd final version of the map)
Compatibility: PS3 or PC & may require titan patch

Description: Remake of my all time favorite duel map i’ve done for personal use a couple of years ago.
Suitable for DM/TDM up to 6 players but built with duel in mind (no power-ups, only armor)
Remake of DM-Malevolence for UT99 by Rich “Akuma” Eastwood.
Visuals heavily inspired by DM-Edge (Comp map pack) by Scott “Cr4zyb4st4rd” Coxhead with the textures pack on

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Tron Character for UT3


A quickly made character i made some time ago that i share per request of a friend.
It was made mainly to use it with UTComp in Duel and BTA.


  • “New” character for UT3 inspired by the Tron movies, the Spectra character and DM-Derez.
  • It’s based of the standard ironguard Male model with new textures.
  • Dead simple textures but effective nonetheless.
  • Really easy to spot without being plain bland or a big moving light.
  • It’s only emissive and specular, i.e. close to no shadows. Best used with UTComp to color it with team colors. Use the bot as is if you want but it was created to replace a standard bot (I modified Blain with the new parts) so it become usable as a Forced model with UTComp. No more “not sure if opponent or … BLOODY HELL!” moments.

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Quick rundown of my history in mapping with UnrealEd

Hi all that come by this. This blog will be about the projects i finished or are in the making for the Unreal Tournament game series.

I thought that starting by how i got where i am now should be the way to go for the first post, so here we go. Keep in mind i didn’t had any internet access until around 2006 and nothing reliable until a couple of years ago (!).

I learnt everything i know on the Unreal editor until late 2008 when i got the Collector’s edition of UT3.
Sadly most of my work is no more because of hardrive dying at some time, and i didn’t upload anything until 2013.

Enjoy the read 😉


I’ve seen this too many times during my first months playing the game.

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